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I am a freelance journalist with more than 10 years experience of working in newspapers, PR and radio. I'm available for all sorts of commissions, big or small, national or regional and I also take on other writing jobs such as press releases, leaflets or blog content.

My specialist subject is beer - writing about which set me on the path to become the first woman in the UK to be accredited as a Beer Sommelier. I also continue to write about feminist issues and/or anything else which makes a good story.

My writing appears in national newspapers, such as The Guardian, The Times and Sunday Telegraph; in specialist/trade publications such as CAMRA's BEER magazine and The Publican's Morning Advertiser and also in a variety of regional publications.

As well as writing jobs I do freelance PR work including consultancy and press office services. My experience in this field comes from the five years I spent managing a regional press office for the RSPB and more recently running the PR campaign for Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight.

I also host beer tastings and similar events as well as giving talks about beer across the UK - and beyond if I'm asked!

As if all that wasn't enough I also blog about beer, co-host a podcast called The Beertalkers and regularly kick myself for not blogging about feminism more often.

If you think I can't possibly have time to fit in anything else you are mistaken, so go ahead and contact me to discuss commissions, fees and availability.

Sophie Atherton - Freelance Journalist

I am an experienced journalist and broadcaster, with a background in newspapers, radio and PR, and also an accredited beer sommelier! I am available for regular or occasional writing gigs, radio and TV appearances, PR consultancy and also to host beer tastings, talks and other similar events.

To discuss commissions, rates and availability contact me at: or on +44 (0)7946 112025


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