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There are about as many different kinds of PR as there are flavours of jam. The kind that I offer is journalism based and focuses on achieving publicity through media coverage (as opposed to arranging promotional events and/or 'shmoozing').

I suppose it's fair to say that I offer media relations consultancy rather than public relations. Because I am a journalist I know what journalists want and I believe successful PR is based on this premise.

I gained my PR experience running a regional press office for the RSPB (The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds). My philosophy was to only ever send out press releases that were real news stories. This is because our target media was local and regional newspapers, radio and TV.

I remembered the scorn and despair inspired by the countless badly written press releases sent to the newsrooms I worked in before I went to work in PR. Press releases that weren't stories, that were often just aimed at getting free advertising rather than publicity and that had obviously been sent by people who had no idea how news media works. I resolved NEVER to send out that sort of press release and as a result I had a close to 100% success rate of my RSPB stories being picked up and used by the media.

I still follow that rule of thumb today, but I also know that different media require different methods, so I can tailor PR services to suit your needs even if you're not looking for news coverage.

Contact me to discuss your needs and budget. I can usually offer something to suit even if you don't have a lot to spend.

Click here to see examples of previous press releases I have written.

Sophie Atherton - Freelance Journalist

I am an experienced journalist and broadcaster, with a background in newspapers, radio and PR. I'm available for regular or occasional writing gigs; media consultancy & training; public speaking and radio & TV expert interviews/punditry.

My specialist subjects include (but aren't restricted to), birdwatching, nature, the environment, pubs and beer.

To discuss commissions, rates and availability contact me at: or on +44 (0)7946 112025.


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